eating piadina

Piada is our dream of bringing the most popular Italian street food to New York City. Piada is the name of a thin flatbread sandwich filled with a variety of Italian cheeses, charcuterie and vegetables. It is a classic Italian food item inherited from the food culture of Emilia Romagna, widely considered Italy’s culinary capital.

In 2004, after realizing that the piada was surprisingly absent from the food panorama of New York City, Giovanni Attilio and Daniele Buraschi, both from Emilia Romagna and avid piada lovers, joined their culinary and entrepreneurship skills to start this new endeavor.

After raising some funds with the help of another friend, Sebastiano Peluso, the piada lovers finally opened their first Piada location on September 3, 2005 in the Lower East Side of New York City. They loved their neighbors, and the neighborhood loved them. The success of this initial venture convinced them that the piada could be the perfect meal for the business crowd of Midtown Manhattan. So in 2007 Piada moved into a bigger space at Lexington Avenue and 53rd Street (Midtown East) and then expanded by opening another location inside the Plaza Food Hall underneath the Plaza Hotel in 2014. Each location offers different menus and formats, but the same piadas that are at the core of Giovanni’s and Daniele’s Romagna tradition.

Today at Piada you can expect only the freshest ingredients, the warmest greetings, and a home away from home. We serve everything – appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts – using only quality ingredients, many of which are imported directly from Italy to provide an authentic Italian experience. We are also well-known for our Italian wood-roasted espresso blend which has a rich and persistent taste and served according to our Italian standards.

The uniqueness of Piada? The simplicity. When you have a few quality ingredients, like well-aged prosciutto and fresh crispy arugula, you don’t need any gimmicks. We hope that the taste of our piadas is as good as the one that we grew up with in Emilia-Romagna!


Giovanni Attilio

one of the founders of Piada, grew up in Emilia Romagna and has been immersed in Italy’s food culture for all his life. Giovanni grew up with a mother that makes pasta from scratch and a father that makes traditional Italian liqueurs using the ingredients found in his countryside village of 300 people. In 2004, Giovanni, who had fallen in love with New York City during his honeymoon, decided to live out his dream and bring some of his culinary traditions to New York City. He opened the first store in NYC dedicated entirely to the piada.

Daniele Buraschi

the second founder of Piada, joined Giovanni on his venture in 2004. They met several years before at business school in Bologna, Italy. Daniele had been living and working in the U.S. for several years, setting up a sales network across the U.S. for an Italian company, where he gained an in depth understanding of how to set up and run a business in the U.S. While in New York, Daniele realized that his craving for a piada, the most popular Italian street food from Emilia Romagna, wasn’t satisfied. He looked everywhere for casual Italian comfort food and found pasta on every corner but not one place that served what he really wanted – a piada.Inspired by his own craving, Daniele enthusiastically teamed up with Giovanni to open the first Piada in 2004.

Sebastiano Peluso

became a colleague and very good friend of Daniele Buraschi after working together in the U.S. A few years later he became an investor and crucial fundraiser for the Piada venture due to his uncanny ability to convince other stakeholders about Piada’s promising future. Sebastiano is a passionate supporter of Italy’s regional treasuries and has developed a vast network of professionals that support the expansion of Italian traditions. For these reasons, Sebastiano has played a great role during the funding and the expansion of Piada. As you can see, the “Piadina Romagnola” was enthusiastically supported by investors and ultimately exported to New York City!